Felix Vinterspa

Ice have been embraced as a shortcut to better health through winter swimming, cryotherapy, and facial icing. However, when it comes to frozen food, the connection is not as obvious. One in three Swedes believes that frozen food is unhealthy despite containing as much or sometimes more nutrients than fresh food. To celebrate all forms of frozen health benefits, Felix opened a winter spa with frozen food as the source of inspiration.

The visual concept for the winter spa is a fusion of current influencer trends and Felix new brand guidelines, aiming to create a visually appealing and cohesive experience from packaging design to spa experience.

Lead designer/Art director
Illustrator: Kalle Matsson

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Livets Goda

Malmö in the making

Strategic concept, name and art direction for Arkitekturåret 2023. During Malmö in the making, people explore the city's changing spaces through architecture and culture. 

The visual concept is based on how Malmö has always been the sum of its inhabitants, and therefore can never stagnate. Malmö´s common denominator is change.

Lead designer/Art director

The design system is full of flexibility and movement. It represents the city of Malmö as an everchanging being. 


Praktikertjänst is Sweden's largest private healthcare provider.

After conducting strategic brand work, we undertook the task of revitalizing Praktikertjänst’s brand identity. Our main aim with this refresh was to streamline the current brand identity, ensuring clarity and coherence over all platforms.

It’s worth noting that we did not redesign the logo.

Lead designer/Art director

Digital Futures

Brand identity for Digital Futures, a cross-disciplinary research centre that explores and develops digital technologies of societal importance. It was jointly established by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Lead designer/Art director

An economically, environmental and socially sustainable society through digital transformation.


The identity is built around the contrast between analog and digital.

Viable Cities

Brand identity for Viable Cities, a strategic innovation programme focusing on the transition to climate-neutral and sustainable cities.

Lead designer/Art director

“The brand identity should reflect innovation but still be warm and welcoming”

“We want to stand out but not in a childish way. A forward movement without being too literal. Like something is going on here. Action, without being pretentious”